Nonprofit Marketing

Direct Mail & Print, Inc. loves working with Nonprofits, Cultural organizations, Foundations, Independent schools, Health &Wellness organizations and Churches. We want to help educate

Intelligent EDDM

So long EDDM, never again blindly blanket an area with Every Door Direct Mail pieces. The new intelligent saturation mail is here. Maintain Carrier Route Saturation postal rates while removing

NCOA Updates – Address Validation Services

Get rid of bad addresses and make your mail more deliverable

Over 43 million American residents and businesses change their addresses every year. We provide NCOA Address Validation

Direct Mail Services

Direct mail marketing is the most effective way to get into your prospects home or place of business.

Internet marketing is great for people already searching for your

Mailing Lists

For any business, finding new customers is essential for growth. Mailing Lists allow you to target new customers with customized consumer and business lists.

Combine your perfect mailing

Print Service

Professional printing services that clearly outline your branding efforts are at the core of any marketing campaign. At Direct Mail & Print, our printing services

Integrated Solutions

Which marketing venue is best to reach your target market - direct mail or email? What if you could do both in a fully integrated marketing campaign? Imagine the effectiveness of

All Inclusive Packages

Direct Mail & Print, Inc. provides all inclusive direct mail marketing services to help your business get the word out to potential customers with very little intrusion to the customer's